City Girl

Let's Love  Each Other

An Other Victim Of Love

Give My Broken Heart A Breack

Distant Love

Straight Line

You Have Captured My Heart

Love Me Just A Little

Wishing Heaven Had A Phone

Empty Feeling

Now I'm Needing You

Tear Stained Letters

Crazy In Love

Meet You On The Moon

All My Life

What A Woman Needs


Kissing You In The Moonlight

California Here I Come

So Lonesome

Mama Never Told Me

Love Begins With A Smile

Second Honeymoon

How Could I Ever Forget You

Someone's Daughter

You're The Reason

All My Life

Sweet Dream Moon

While I Cry

True Love's So Hard To Find

A Beach Somewhere

Captain Of The Ship

You Never Know

Heart It's Time

I've Given Up

You Really Do Something To Me

Mama's Got A Brand New Daddy

Without You

Bunch of Roses

Hawaii Alloha

All Roads Lead To You

I Promise