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City Girl

Let's Love  Each Other

An Other Victim Of Love

Give My Broken Heart A Breack

Distant Love

Meet You On The Moon

All My Life

What A Woman Needs


Kissing You In The Moonlight

A Beach Somewhere

All Roads Lead To You

Bunch of Roses

Captain Of The Ship

Heart It's Time

Straight Line

You Have Captured My Heart

Love Me Just A Little

Wishing Heaven Had A Phone

Empty Feeling

Now I'm Needing You

Tear Stained Letters

Crazy In Love

Calm After The Storm

Old Tears


This I Promise You

Whiskey Lullaby

Please Don't Leave Me

Breaking The Law

The Promise

Read All About It

Jealous Of The Angels

California Here I Come

So Lonesome

Mama Never Told Me

Love Begins With A Smile

Second Honeymoon

How Could I Ever Forget You

Someone's Daughter

You're The Reason


Something To Believe In


Victoria's Gone

Truth Hurts

Letting Go

I'll Be Alone No More

At The End Of The Day

Gettin' OverYou

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Holding Out For you

I Promise

I've Given Up

Mama's Got A Brand New Daddy

Sweet Dream Moon

True Love's So Hard To Find

While I Cry

Without You

You Never Know

You Really Do Something To Me

Hawaii Alloha

One More Blue Christmas

One wish for Christmas